FAQ’s • Frequently Asked Questions

If Your Questions Aren’t Answered Here Please Contact Us at American Crystal. We’re Happy To Help!

Most of the glassware is Produced In The U.S.A.  All items are hand decorated in the U.S.A. Non-domestic glassware is noted in our product description . All Ceramics are imported as domestically made ceramics costs are extremely high and would price the final product out of a reasonable cost structure. Please Note: The factories we use in China are the most reputable and employ high labor standards. In fact employees of these firms are compensated at the highest levels and receive vacation time of six weeks per year. Not all factories are the same.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and prepay by company check. Net thirty may be established by sending trade/credit references.  This will take a few weeks to confirm references so first order is usually credit card.

Yes.  All shipments are guaranteed against breakage.  We have conformed to all drop test compliance for both FEDEX and UPS.  If breakage does occur please inform us immediately and save packaging. We will then notify you if the carrier will follow up with an inspection.

Yes.  All ceramics are microwave and dishwasher safe.  The glassware is also dishwasher safe. In fact all products are cleansed in a commercial dishwasher after manufacturing.

Typical turnaround time is 7 to 10 working days after artwork is approved.  For larger orders and special orders please contact us for an exact delivery timetable.

We accept many file types.  Please submit 300dpi files that are at least 3″x3″.  File types we prefer are .eps  .tif  .pdf  .jpg  .psd  and  .ai  to name a few.  Also please create outlines on type so there aren’t any font substitutions on our end.

No, the art department will produce your requested design with appropriate name drops and provide a preproduction proof for your approval. You may review stock designs in our Design Suite section.  You may also request any stock design not shown as we have tens of thousands and only show our most popular choices.

Well some of our staff is left handed but it’s not the reason we decorate with the handle to the left.  With almost 90% of people being right handed the items are designed to be a conversation piece.  The artwork should face away from the right handed drinker.  Actually, the mugs may be decorated on the other side if desired.  This is just our standard hold.

Yes, but there is a charge of $3.75 per unit as the items have to go through the production process twice.  

We offer a free setup for clean artwork if our minimum order is met ($300.00). We will also remove any color and provide you a preproduction proof for approval. Just send us your custom artwork and product(s) information you would like decorated.